Expert, committed and enterprising

Every employee at Stighter & Partners is different, but they also have a lot in common. They are all expert, flexible, committed, creative, enterprising, successful and have a healthy sense of humour. Our employees are behind our clients as one team. Together, they aim for an optimum quality of services.

Within Stighter & Partners, we pay much attention to supporting and coaching employees. We also inform our employees constantly about developments within our organisation, the sector and matters which could be important to you.

Our office has two partners: Paul de Goed and Henry Bootsveld. Both are chartered accountants and have a long record of service.

Paul has gained years of experience at PwC. Here, he had an extensive national and international clientele and he managed various audit teams. Within Stighter & Partners, Paul works for a very wide, versatile clientele with the emphasis on the major shareholder practice and international clients. Those are also larger companies with statutory audits. Paul fulfils several managerial and social functions.

Henry gained experience at PwC and his own accountancy firm. Since 1999, Henry and Paul have worked together within Stighter & Partners. Henry has an extensive clientele with a strong focus on the major shareholder practice. He carries out statutory audit assignments and also has a large compilation practice. Henry was also active as a university lecturer in Accounts auditing and reviewer for the chartered accountants network organisation Samenwerkende Registeraccountantskantoren.